Schools Closed due to COVID-19 – Is Homeschooling Possible in the Midst of this Global Chaos?

Schools Closed due to COVID-19 - Is Homeschooling Possible in the Midst of this Global Chaos?

Friday 3rd April 2020

Ever since COVID-19 began wreaking havoc all over the world since late January 2020, the world has come to a standstill with schools and other educational institutes resorting to the internet to continue their 11+ tutoring activities. In the plight of uncertainty, fear, and endangerment, many have come together to agree on one thing that has been disputed for quite some time: working/studying online has always been feasible despite some people's opposition before the world was hit by COVID-19.

Finally, schools, parents and students have collectively agreed that pursuing education via online tutoring channels, such as Achievers Tutoring, has always been available and workable. They are also now realizing that primary school maths tutoring does not have to require conventional methods of teaching and learning and that GCSE maths, English & science tutoring are now easy as pie!'
So, this begs the question, 'What options do parents and students have when it comes to home schooling in this unpleasant situation?'
For people who have always been accustomed to learning within a group, observing social distancing and self-isolation is possibly one of the hardest times for them to endure. Students who have known no other way of learning, are having to face the bitter reality of learning through online platforms- but, there's a silver lining :with Achievers Tutoring online platform, A-Level maths, English & science tutoring makes you feel like you are right in classroom!
For those who are struggling to learn through the screen, here are some ways you can catapult your productivity by incorporating the following tips:

1. Create a Routine
Staying at home when you have always been familiar with a structured routine means your productivity levels can plummet. At home, you are distracted with family, household chores, and let's not forget the temptation of dilly-dallying about on social media! To make the most of your time now in self-isolation, create a routine and stick to it to achieve your goals.
If you are a parent of a primary school child, this applies to you too. Routines help to mentally prepare the mind- it creates a framework to follow and helps you stay focused while you are at home 'locked up'.

2. Get Rid of any and Clutter and Distractions
You are at home - and unless you are living all by yourself- you are going to have several distractions dancing in front of you while studying. And if you are a parent preparing your child for their primary school English (reading, literacy, spelling and comprehension), you may be on the verge of giving up with their tantrums and moodiness!
This is exactly why a routine must first be established - and from there, you can jot down your distractions and eliminate them one by one. It can be your unattended dishes waiting to be washed, or the pending laundry staring you right in the eye. Whatever it is, get rid of any mess and distractions to make your studying session enjoyable and productive.

3. Use Online Learning Materials
Sure, online tutoring websites are loaded with learning materials, but it never hurts to tap into your adventurous research of online resources to ease your home-schooling transition. Check out online resources such as BBC Bitesize - an online platform that provides learning materials to preschool students, all the way to GCSE students. Also, check out eBooks, learning guides, and short pdf documents to equip yourself or your child with maximum productivity.

4. Branch Out to Other Learning Platforms
Whether you are a parent of a teenager or a young child, everyone's brain tires out when following the same mundane studying protocol. Learning from a singular source, such as Achievers Tutoring services, although beneficial, can be used in conjunction with other educational approaches. You see, the human mind requires a breath of fresh air, both metaphorically and literally. This is exactly why we encourage parents and students to check out some of the most entertaining educational channels on YouTube as a means of enhancing learning.
You can say goodbye to maths problems and difficult-to-digest English or science topics by opting for YouTube video tutorials. These tutorials are not only educational, they have the power to teach you subjects in a way you never would have imagined!

5. Always Stay in Touch
Nothing makes staying at home more unproductive and borderline depressing like not being socially engaged with your classmates who you were once so habituated to seeing daily. Use WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, or any other app through which you can conduct study sessions and share your ideas, notes, and hacks with your classmates.
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