Maths Tuition

Maths Tuition

This is what one of our clients said about one of our Maths tutors during 2019 GCSE Results Day:

''We are delighted she passed with a Grade 4. All the hard work and support from Ascar really paid off - I cannot be more complimentary about Ascar, he was a wonderful Tutor and clearly very experienced working with young adults. Without his help we could not have taken my daughter from a Grade 2 to a Grade 4'' [Bernadette, Coventry]

Would you be our next satisfied customer? We promise to exceed your expectation if you decide to work with us. We would be delighted to support your child and it would be an honour to be able to serve you. Exam boards that our tutors regularly tutor are: AQA, Edexcel (Pearson), OCR, Eduqas and WJEC (Welsh board).

Maths tutors who undertake maths tuition on behalf of Achievers are taking through rigorous recruitment process. Only 25% of tutors who apply to become tutors eventually get hired. All our tutors are qualified with either QTS or a minimum honours degree in taught subjects, DBS cleared and are fully vetted.
Therefore, parents can relax knowing that their children will work with one of the best tutors in their field.

Our Maths tutors' have extensive experience of teaching and tutoring maths across the 4 to 18 age range. Some of our tutors are examiners so they know the assessment process well and can point students in the right direction.

Our experienced maths tutors help students who need support with their maths at primary school level whether numeracy to build strong foundations or maths support to build confidence be it SATs or general support. At secondary school level, we support students who needs GCSE Maths support, A Level Maths, A Level Statistics, A Level Mechanics, Further Maths or general maths support.

At Achievers Tutoring, we accept students of all ability. Our experience maths tutors know exactly how to get the best out of our students. Our tutors are passionate about maths and make learning maths fun. They are skilful at developing in our students the love of maths learning during their maths tuition. We have provided excellent service to many families and we believe that you have come to the right place to get the maths tutoring that your child needs.

Our Approach

Maths tuition usually takes place at the comfort of your home as your child will feel comfortable in their own home. However, we could arrange an alternative venue if that works better for the parent.

Our maths tutors do initial assessment to find out what the student strengths and weaknesses are and adopt a strategy to work with the students.
For the lessons themselves, our tutors prefer to create practice questions usually from past questions or from practice papers and go over those with the student. These would normally include the questions on topics the student said they struggled with. Alternatively, if they want to improve in a more general manner or are unsure where they struggle, then the tutors put questions from a mixture of topics and mixture of question types ; reasoning questions where maths fluency skills are required or some with problem solving questions which require students to use their maths skills sometimes from other topics to solve the problems.

At the end of every maths tuition session, students are allocated a piece of homework to consolidate their learning. Tutors then review this at the beginning of the next lesson and address any issues that arises as a result.

''Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think'' - Albert Einstein. Here at Achievers, we promote independent thinking and learning with an emphasis on supporting students to think creatively and use their skills to solve problems.

Our maths tutors identify strategies that works for the student under their care and tailor lessons in a way which maximise the full potential of the student. With the right support from parents or carers, we can guarantee that your child will make good progress with their maths.
If you are looking for experience and talented maths tutor for your child, then please look no further.

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