We are pleased to receive feedback from parents, students and other professionals about their experience with Achievers. Below is a small sample of testimonials from our service users.

Dennis has been an excellent tutor through his support of my daughter for grammar school entry test. He has sparked curiosity and problem solving to enable my daughter in all her learning. Dennis has also been incredibly responsive to parent questions and learning advice. Dennis has a relaxed and friendly approach that immediately gave my daughter the perfect environment to feel comfortable and learn within. Thank you.

Kiran Geeri, ★★★★★

Our tutor was excellent, being patient and accommodating us where we needed to change. The standard of tutoring was excellent and covered all the areas we needed.

John Dickinson, ★★★★★

Callum has been having tutoring for his GCSE's for the last 18 months with Steve for science and Dennis for maths. He has learnt a great deal in this time and has hopefully improved his grades! I can't thank Steve and Dennis enough for what they have done for Callum. Both fantastic teachers.

Amy Lee, ★★★★★

We had an urgent need for maths, English & science gcse tutoring. From my first email on a Friday night, Dennis had arranged all three tutors within a weekend. The whole service from Dennis has been professional and prompt from start to finish. Special mention to Mohammed who provided my 15 year old son with excellent maths gcse tutoring, boosting his confidence and preparing him brilliantly for the exams. His communication and professionalism throughout was fantastic and my son got a huge amount out of their time together. A huge thank you to Dennis and Mohammed - we would thoroughly recommend!

Nina Philippidis, ★★★★★

Dennis and Kathryn helped my son with his 11+. They were really supportive and he looked forward to the lessons. They provided extra work between lessons where it would help, and provided some extra lessons in Maths nearer the test date when a little more assistance was required. I would definitely recommend.

Gill Marks, ★★★★★

Very pleased with the support provided by Dennis and his team. Our daughter did Maths, science and English tutoring as part of her GCSE practice. Thanks to the great work from Dennis, Catherine and Woody, our daughter has passed all her GCSEs and were able to go to her 1st six form choice. Thanks again for your patience and help, really appreciated.

Mau Amonss, ★★★★★

Mohammed really helped my daughter with her revision for her Maths GCSE. He is patient and explains things very well. Thank you.

Katie McKenna, ★★★★★

Very good . Mathew came to our house and was very punctual . My son got on with him very well . From grade four for his mocks in maths to grade six in GCSE we couldn't be happier . Highly recommend

Kris Hossle, ★★★★★

The girl did AWESOME !!!
Much better than her expected grade. We would recommend Dennis in a heartbeat. A huge thank you to Dennis for his guidance and support.

My daughter's confidence hit rock bottom after her Maths score on one of her mock exams.. So at her request for a tutor we contacted Achievers Tutoring.. We hopped it would give her the confidence she needed to move forward and not give up.

Dennis is just absolutely wonderful!
He's managed to resore her confidence and understanding.. she achived 2 extra grades in her last mock results.. with GCSEs starting in a couple of weeks we feel she is pretty prepared and has the confidence.. We really can't thank Dennis enough.

Tracey Bishop, ★★★★★

My son had started English lesson with Woody. She is so good, so knowledgeable, magnificent. My son loves her lessons. She is so encouraging, so engaging with him. He is more confident. I am enjoying the lesson from the background too. 😊 As a person she is gentle and full of positive energy. My son describes her as the best teacher that he has ever had. She is The Mary Poppins of the English lesson! She is truly magical. I am highly recommend her. 😍

Parisette, ★★★★★

My daughter spent 5 years trying to get her maths GCSE. In just 5 weeks of tutoring from Dennis she passed!. Highly recommend Dennis with his support your child can achieve wonders

Olivia Cassidy, ★★★★★

Not only are their Tutors dedicated and committed, but passionate as well about what they teach and how they teach.
Matthew and Rebecca who now tutor my daughter in Maths/Sciences and English respectively are absolutely amazing.
I myself have witnessed their excellent manner as well as teaching styles and I know for a fact my daughter is benefiting from their tutoring. My daughter feels very comfortable with them, I observe her asking them questions and confident in doing so.
I highly recommend and THANK YOU!!

Lusekelo, ★★★★★

Very gentle and calm professional teaching my son really enjoyed his 1:1 teaching and preparing for his 11plus and look forward to having Dennis

Precious, ★★★★★

Dennis is in the process of tutoring my 10yr old son for the grammar test, he is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, my son is really benefiting from the additional help from Dennis. He is producing quality results and I would highly recommend Dennis to other parents.

Sharon, ★★★★★

Really great team. Flexible and professional. Great tutoring for the 11 plus. Thankyou.

Ken, ★★★★★

Thank you Dennis and your team. My daughter has gained confidence in executing her maths, science and English Literature tasks. Her school teachers have commented on how much she has improved as well. Your support is much appreciated.

Theresa, ★★★★★

Thank you Dennis for your excellent teaching, my daughter has learnt so much. My daughter now smiles when she is completing Maths questions.

Mrs Price, ★★★★★

Dennis was a great help to my daughter who was needing extra tuition with her maths in preparation for her GCSEs.

Sarah, ★★★★★

Can't thank Dennis enough. He has helped my son really understand maths. My son's confidence has improved tremendously and he really enjoys maths. Highly recommended.

Nesar, ★★★★★

Maths has always been challenging for my daughter until we met Dennis from Achievers Tutoring. Since then, my daughter has grown in confidence as the days go by and I'm pleased to confirm she is exceeding her target grade based on her mock results. Just 4 months of tuition has moved my daughter from grade 3 to grade 5. I'm pleased that I met Dennis and would highly recommend him to any parent who expects great results for their children.

Eva, ★★★★★

Dennis tutored my son on a 1:1 basis, to help and prepare him for the 11+ exam. He was friendly, approachable and made my son feel confident in his abilities. All in the comfort of our own home! We have just had the 11+ results and my son met the qualifying criteria for 2 Grammar Schools. Thank you Dennis and Achievers Tutoring!

Cheryl, ★★★★★

Dennis has been super helpful in the run up to my professional skills test. whilst being very patient and adapting his teaching to various needs; he is always well prepared with various resources that help during and after tutoring. I have just received results and guess, I have passed!!!! I can't thank Dennis enough for his hard work and support. I would highly recommend Dennis as a tutor for all ages and abilities of tutoring .

Claire, ★★★★★

Great maths tuition from Dennis. Always reliable, friendly and polite. Thank you for all the help you provided.

Rosie, ★★★★☆

Dennis is very good teacher and a good listener. My son's confidence has grown so much since starting with Achievers Tutoring. He is enjoying his maths and English lessons more at school and reading independently now, something he used to struggle with. I will highly recommend Achievers to anyone. Very professional and reliable service.

Aisha, ★★★★★

My daughter has really struggled with her maths all through secondary school. She really lacked in confidence and was often reluctant to try for fear of getting it wrong. Ascar has only been teaching her for a short while, and already I am noticing the difference in her attitude to maths. She responds so well to his teaching style and his patience . Thank you so much for the support you have already given her. We feel very confident that she will be able to pass her exam in the summer with your help.

Bernadette, ★★★★☆

My son was due to take the Eleven Plus (11+) in September 2018. As a mother I wasn't sure if my son had what it takes to pass the 11+ rigorous exams. A friend introduced Achievers Tutoring to me in August , just a month before the 11+ exam date. One of the tutors assessed my son and after the assessment, I was assured by the tutor that he could work with my son and get him to pass. My son had only 14 hours of lessons with Dennis and lo and behold, my son passed. I cannot thank Dennis enough for such amazing work done. This tutor knows exactly how to get the best out of his students no matter what the starting point. I will therefore recommend Achievers Tutoring to anyone who wants their children to achieve their full potential.

Emma, ★★★★★

An outstanding tutor who knows how to get the best out of his student. My son feels comfortable and enjoys maths now; although he struggles with it in his school life. I can't thank the tutor enough for such work well done. I will therefore recommend your services .

Mike, ★★★★★

Excellent maths tutor who understands the needs of my daughter and adapts his teaching methods to suit her needs. My daughter has grown in confidence and she is enjoying the tuition.Thank you, Dennis, for all that you have done for my child. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services.

Fatima, ★★★★★

Total breath of fresh air into my daughter's education. English has always created issues for her since she started school. But now she feels confident and I have seen improvement in her attitude and her results which were confirmed by her English teacher in school. This tuition service has completely changed my daughter's life and I believe it can benefit you as well. Hence, I would recommend the service.

Maya, ★★★★★

My son's maths has really improved since the tuition began. He used to hate maths but now he is enjoying it all due to the professionalism of the tutor. I'm really pleased with the services that this tuition company provides and will recommend their services to any parents who want their children to thrive and excel in maths. Thank you.

Rob, ★★★★★

We can't believe how quick our sons have progressed in maths. We would like you (Mr Dennis Sarfo-Asante) to know how delighted we are with our boys' performance, not only academically but in their level of confidence in this subject, which is testified by all ( as they try to show off their maths prowess whenever they get the chance!).
We will continue to recommend your services to friends and families. We can't praise you enough. Keep up the good work.

Mavis, ★★★★★

An excellent tutor who really helps his students to feel confident in what they are learning by going over topics the students didn't understand. My daughter's confidence has massively grown and she enjoys maths more than she has ever done before. I would therefore recommend their services.

Debbie, ★★★★★

My daughter's grade in maths has improved significantly ever since she started attending this tuition. It has impacted positively on her attitude towards the subject. My daughter has gone from hating maths to absolutely loving it within a short timeframe. I can't thank the tutor (Dennis) enough for such an amazing turn around in my daughter's academic life. I would therefore recommend and encourage every parent to try this wonderful tutoring service.

Rosalynn, ★★★★★