Eleven Plus 11+ Tuition

Eleven Plus 11+ Tuition

This is what one of our clients said about one of our 11+ tutors:

''My son had only 14 hours of 11+ lessons with Dennis and lo and behold, my son passed. My son has received an offer from The Crypt School, Gloucester. I cannot thank Dennis enough for such amazing work done. This tutor knows exactly how to get the best out of his students no matter the starting point. I will therefore recommend Achievers Tutoring to anyone who wants their children to achieve their full potential.'' [Emma, Gloucester]

If your child has the potential to benefit from a grammar school education, then it is important to ensure they are fully prepared for the 11+ exams.

Generally, we advise parents to start planning for tutoring at the beginning of the autumn term (September) of Year 5, especially as the 11+ exams now happen early in September of Year 6. This allows plenty of time to prepare, to secure knowledge and develop skills to perfect exam techniques.

Gloucestershire has some of the highest achieving Grammar schools throughout the country. In Gloucestershire County, we are in a privileged position of being blessed with seven excellent grammar schools. The list of the grammar schools in the county are as follows:

  • Pate's Grammar School, Cheltenham (11-18 mixed)
  • The Crypt School, Gloucester (Years 7- 8, mixed, Years 9-Year 11 boys, 6th Form mixed), New intake is mixed.
  • Sir Thomas Rich's School (11-16 boys, mixed 6th Form)
  • Denmark Road High School; formerly High School for Girls, Gloucester (11-16 girls, mixed 6th Form)
  • Ribston Hall High School, Gloucester (11-16 girls, mixed 6th Form)
  • Marling School, Stroud (11-18 boys)
  • Stroud High School, Stroud (11-18 girls)

Parents need to contact their preferred grammar school directly to find out about how to apply for their child to sit the 11+ tests. Parents can select more than one grammar school and are encouraged to do so to offer them choices. Parents need to fill in the Common Application Form and a Test Registration Form available from the school. Failure to complete the local authority's form means the child cannot be offered a place, even if they achieve a qualifying score.

It is possible for parents applying to Pate's school to sit the test at another local grammar school. Parents must notify the school they are applying to of their preference in such a case.

All the grammar schools are non-fee paying and entry is based on Eleven Plus (11+) admission test results. Admission to Year 7 of any of the grammar schools is very competitive and the entrance exams are held in September at each school for entry of the following year. Thus, children take the 11+ test at the beginning of Year 6 (September). In Gloucestershire, the 11+ admission test involves 2 CEM papers which are set by The Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM), Durham University. There are two multiple choice tests, 45-50 minutes each which are split up into smaller timed sections. Each paper will test:

  • Verbal Ability (testing vocabulary, comprehension, verbal reasoning)
  • Non-Verbal Ability (testing the ability to see how objects relate to each other)
  • Numerical Ability (testing the ability to solve mathematical problems)

The Grammar school entry process in Gloucestershire is very competitive, as there is no catchment area- hence parents can apply from outside of the county for their children. For instance, parents from Swindon who wants their children to be educated in one of the grammar schools in the Gloucestershire county can apply. Therefore, children must be prepared in order to succeed in the test.

Every child takes the test on the same date in September at the venue of their first choice and the marks get sent to all of the schools that the child has applied for, where they get standardised. Each school standardises in their own way by adjusting the test results to provide their own score.
The results of the test are made available usually in the mid to end of October before the selection of secondary school deadline, so that they can be used to aid the choice of options.

Our Approach

We begin tutoring by getting to know your child well and working out a strategy which will suit their learning. At Achievers our aim is to nurture students and get the best out of them irrespective of their starting point. We do this by assessing the child and identifying their strengths and weaknesses and develop a strategy to help them improve and become a better version of themselves. Our tutors are very good at motivating students and making lessons fun and enjoyable. As our tutors are experts at what they do, they will build the necessary foundation upon which your child will thrive. Tutoring sessions will focus on all of the different aspects of the 11+ test which pupils will be examined on. These are done in small chunks in order to make them accessible to pupils.

If solving mathematical problems are a weakness, tutors are able to bring learners up to speed. Once all of the techniques are fully covered, we then move on to strengthening the child's ability to answer questions as quickly as possible as well as working accurately. Furthermore, we focus on assessment tests (mocks) and work with the child on the best way to answer these questions to maximise their potential.

At the end of each tutoring session, your child will be given a homework to consolidate their learning and this is reviewed in the next lesson to measure progress. Parents are kept in the loop throughout the tutoring sessions and constructive feedback about progress is offered. Children are encouraged to read widely as this will improve their vocabulary. Our tutors also recommend resources which can support your child to succeed. For instance, the link below is for a flashcard which parents can buy to help their children improve their vocabulary.
Our experienced and passionate 11+ tutors have a proven track record of delivering results. All of our 11+ tuition is conducted on one-to one basis in the comfort of your home as we believe this gives your child a better chance of success.
Our promise is to serve our clients with excellence and integrity.


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