Why SUCCESS in Core Subjects (English, maths and science) is so Important

Why SUCCESS in Core Subjects (English, maths and science) is so Important

Thursday 4th June 2020

Whether your child is home-schooled, about to return to school soon, or still in the throes of lockdown-learning, success in English, maths and science is at the heart of the national curriculum and what we do at Achievers Tutoring.

There is a reason that English, maths and science are compulsory throughout each Key Stage: they provide us all with the foundations for life! Most places of further education will consider results in at least 5 GCSEs - including the three core subjects - before admitting pupils to their chosen course. And it goes without saying, the higher achieving the establishment, the more discerning they can afford to be. Employers too will look to these exam results as a benchmark of someone's worth. So, success in the core subjects at GCSE provides a strong grounding for the job market, where results act as a basic filter for employers. In short, credible grades open the doors to a wide variety of careers - many of which are interdisciplinary. We all want our children to be in a position where they can make choices in their future - choices regarding how they spend their working life, however far off this may seem to a teenager right now!

What the core subjects have in common are the links they provide to the rest of the curriculum. Whilst it may not seem obvious to a pupil who struggles with the discipline of maths but thrives on the creativity of textiles, maths is in fact an integral part of design: counting, measuring, converting, and doing all this with absolute accuracy make the whole process result in something visually impressive. Equally, the keen history student who is enthralled by accounts of the past, relies on the ability to express themselves making detailed, analytical connections which the English curriculum facilitates. And what about the pupil who looks forward to DT and suddenly springs into action during food technology, clearly destined to be the next celebrity chef, but has yet to find their feet in science? The foundations they learn in science are key to supporting an understanding of the science of food: diet, nutrition, food production... And when pupils see how subjects integrate and make connections between the subjects they find tricky and the ones they enjoy, they start to gain a deeper insight and understanding. These valuable links are often what make things 'click!'.

But these core subjects are not just markers of intellectual prowess, valued by schools, colleges, universities and the workplace. Core subjects are an integral part of our daily life. Equipping our young people with the skills to understand the foundations of English, maths and science will make for a confident individual, up for a challenge, able to problem solve and ultimately able to make informed choices about their future. In the words of Dr. Seuss: 'Children want the same things we want. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained, and delighted'!

If you are struggling to support your child's learning as they navigate their way through lockdown, then the STEM web-page is a good place to start. STEM is an approach to learning and development that integrates areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and helps students develop key skills. To support home learning, subject experts at STEM have put together a selection of activities and materials, all of which are completely free for everyone to access. STEM

If you require a tutor who can both challenge and get the very best out of your child if they are struggling with any of the core subjects (English, maths and science), then please get in touch with Achievers Tutoring.
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