Preparing for The ELEVEN PLUS Entrance Exam

Preparing for The ELEVEN PLUS Entrance Exam

Tuesday 15th September 2020

I'm sure everyone breathed a sigh of relief when Gloucestershire Grammar Schools announced that this year's entrance test was being delayed until Saturday 17th October. With students having an extra five weeks to prepare, here at Achievers we have been busier than ever tutoring our students and instilling them with the confidence they need to do their very best on exam day. Good luck to all of our current Y6 pupils in the final push leading up to the exam!

What is The Eleven Plus?
The Eleven Plus Entrance Exam is the selective entrance test that Y6 pupils can sit in order to apply for a place at a grammar school. It tests pupils' ability in English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. The test is divided into two papers (around 45-50 minutes each), so your child will have a short comfort break in between to recharge.

Gloucestershire Grammar Schools
In Gloucestershire there are seven grammar schools, each aiming for 150 admissions in Year 7. Rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted and offering both single-sexed and mixed education, Gloucestershire Grammar Schools can afford to be ambitious. Admission is competitive and there are plenty of out-of-county children who choose to take the daily commute and value being part of these flourishing school communities where academic success is at the heart of school life.

When Should My Child Start Preparing?
If you are interested in maximising your child's chances of securing a grammar school place, then consider tutoring to support their learning in school. It may be that you have a child who is confident in their English skills but struggle with some concepts in maths, or vice versa. Here at Achievers, we can tailor tutoring sessions to each child's needs. They may be doing very well at school but could do with exposure to the style of questioning that they will be faced with on exam day. Whether it be improving skills, getting accustomed to the exam format or working under pressure in timed conditions, we can give your child the experience they need to help conquer those nerves on exam day. Each child has very different needs and most experts advise to start preparing sooner rather than later. 'Cramming' can heighten stress levels and is considered one of the least effective methods of preparation for exams; to reduce exam anxiety, give your child quality time to prepare in a controlled and calm setting.

2021 Entrance Exam
If everything returns to normal, the 2021 Selective Grammar School Entrance Test will be scheduled for September. In these uncertain times, don't leave it too late to make a difference for your child: get in touch with Achievers Tutoring. If you feel it is right for your Y5 child, ask them if they think tutoring would help boost them on their learning journey, and help them to secure a place in one of Gloucestershire's 'Outstanding' Grammar Schools.

If you need a maths or English tutor in Gloucester to guide you in your studies, to restore your confidence in your abilities and support you on your path to success, we are here for you at Achievers Tutoring serving students in the Gloucestershire area.
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