Is Online Tutoring for Your Child?  ...Yes!

Is Online Tutoring for Your Child? ...Yes!

Monday 26th October 2020

Before lockdown I would never have considered offering online tuition, so would not have dreamt of recommending it. I had only experienced classroom, small group and one-to-one teaching - all face to face. But, with the social distancing restrictions in place and with parents finding it increasingly challenging to home-school during lockdown, the demand became such that I just had to give online tutoring a go! And I am so glad that I did.

There is still time in my schedule for tuition in person, but I have definitely embraced tutoring online - and it's refreshing to be mask or visor free! Be it with Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams, online tutoring is just so workable. It takes very little time to feel comfortable with these platforms and with the accessibility of Google Documents, where you can see exactly what your student is writing and interact swiftly, in many ways, it is even more direct than face-to-face tuition where you are peering over a shoulder or across a table. What's more, it's safe: there are no concerns about students falling behind and missing sessions if they have to isolate, but are certainly fit enough to carry on with their daily life. Online tutoring offers the flexibility that we all need right now.

It is not only extremely personable, I actually find that it can sharpen some students' focus. It somehow seems to cut out potential distractions. The student still has someone focusing solely on them and their needs, but it creates a slightly different dynamic. As learners, we want to feel that our needs are being met, that our questions are being answered directly, and online sessions do seem to empower students to speak up. The spotlight is literally on them. Perhaps there's something to be said for seeing yourself on screen as you engage with your tutor, being pushed to take full accountability for how you connect and collaborate during your learning time. I think when parents are hovering in the background it is even better! Students know that this is their time to learn with the security of parents being there (if anything goes wrong with the technology) whilst they have their tutor's undivided attention. Isn't that what all learners want? Especially when they have been struggling to grasp something new.

If you do decide to go down the online route, it also means that you have access to specialists from further afield and having a greater choice may well provide you with the best fit for a student's needs. I have been teaching students from different counties in the UK and as far afield as Shanghai! Whilst students are still learning in the comfort of their own private space, it can also reduce the subtle pressures they may feel when meeting face-to-face. It gives parents choice and enables you to secure a good fit for your child. And we all know that when people are happy and feel comfortable, they are more able to learn.

At Achievers Tutoring, online tuition has really taken off! So, embrace modernity like we have, and use the technology you have at your fingers-tips to your advantage. Whether you are based in Gloucestershire, elsewhere in the UK, or are an international student studying abroad, we are here to serve you. Tutors are DBS checked, highly qualified educators who understand how to prepare your child for the demands of 11+, GCSE and A' Level examinations.

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