Welcome to 2021!

Welcome to 2021!

Friday 15th January 2021

Happy new year from everyone at Achievers Tutoring!
At the start of this new year, it was again announced that GCSE and A' Level exams were being cancelled as we entered another national lockdown. For some this has been alarming and destabilizing, and perhaps even expected by others. However, what does continue to be heart-warming is the unifying concern we all have for our young people, as we work to navigate a successful path for our exam students despite this pandemic.
Recent announcements are suggesting that whilst some exams may be scrapped with results based on teacher assessments, the core subjects - maths, science and English - will still be formally assessed in schools, albeit very differently. Whatever decisions are finally reached, the message for our young people is to continue to work hard. There is talk of mini exams on the horizon to aid the grading process in schools:
GCSE and A-level pupils could sit mini exams to aid grading
Students, treat online learning just as you would if you were attending school and put time and effort into your studies; a focused approach now WILL benefit your final result. This term is more important than ever. Knowing your personal targets and understanding what you need to do to improve is vital - there IS still time to improve your grade. So, do you know your targets? Do you know how to improve in your weaker areas? Do you have the confidence to approach your teachers for advice? The answer to these questions has to be yes! If not, now is the time to act. Make a difference to your grade.
You are not on your own, and remember, your hard work to date has definitely not been wasted, keep talking, keep questioning and keep going...!

Parents, check out the link above to BBC Bitesize which has plenty to offer your teenager with lockdown learning. There is help out there. If you are concerned that your teenager needs a confidence boost at this vital time and would benefit from a guided and personal approach, do not hesitate to get in touch with Achievers Tutoring and enquire about our online tutoring.
We are all in this together. Let's support our young people towards the future they deserve!

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