Thursday 18th February 2021

With half term here, many parents are asking their children if they have any homework to complete, only to be met with the answer, 'Nope, just revision...'! Of course, revision is homework. But if the homework isn't guided, then it can be challenging to tackle. At schools, students are given clear strategies on exactly how to revise, but these can get swept under the carpet when coupled with the pressure of exams - even more so in these times where students in Years 11 and 13 are now being dubbed 'the lost generation'.

How best to learn has increasingly been the focus of academic study, and however much we love to see our pupils highlighting key words, simply re-reading notes and making things colourful has little effect on memory according to academics. Rather, it's testing yourself (or having your folks test you) and having significant gaps between revision time too, that are the most effective methods (hence why cramming is deemed so ineffective - despite it seeming to be the most popular tool for revision).

Get involved with your child's revision programme. Make sure they are taking control and organising their time wisely. See how you can help them test themselves and prepare for the key exams which they will be sitting this year:

Secrets of Successful Revision

Revision techniques

Of course, we are here to help too! Here at Achievers Tutoring, we can also work with your child to revisit topics where they have gaps and get them exam-ready. Getting a tutor on board does not need to be a lengthy commitment either. With the run up to exams, gaining confidence in those vital months prior to the big day can make all the difference in those tricky subject areas.

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