Preparing for... The Eleven Plus

Preparing for... The Eleven Plus

Monday 5th July 2021

Get Ready...!
If your child is in Year 5 and is planning to take the Eleven Plus Entrance Test in September, be aware of the dates and deadlines that you will need to adhere to when completing the Common Application Form (CAF) via the local authority as well as a Gloucester Grammar Test Registration Form available via the school website of your chosen grammar school. This year, the test is taking place on Saturday 11th September when your child will have only just started Year 6. Although, we all know that anything can change! Last year, due to government restrictions, the test was delayed by a month, giving pupils, their parents and their tutors extra time to prepare and make sure they really were exam-ready.

What Next?
With the seven Gloucester grammar schools using the same CEM (Centre of Evaluation & Monitoring) test paper, it's time to start preparing your child for the exam by looking carefully at what is involved in the test papers. Using the familiarisation materials available on the school's website is a really good starting place. Just feeling comfortable with the format of the papers and how they are organised will help to reduce some of the anxiety which your child is bound to feel in the run-up to the big day.
Your child will sit two multiple-choice tests - each under an hour and split up into sections. Focusing on maths and English, each paper will test their comprehension, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Going over past papers will help your child to understand what the exam is asking of them. To keep up the impetus, it might be a good idea to create an Eleven Plus Preparation Timetable to ensure that they are well-prepared for what is ahead and to maximise the score they ultimately achieve. Of course, sticking to this is key!
'Practice makes perfect', and if motivation is wavering, why not get a tutor involved too? Building confidence and making sure that your child is proficient in the areas they are being tested on, and that they are as well-equipped as they can be, sometimes means getting outside help for additional sessions. With a skills-based approach, your tutor can guide your child through any sticky areas and identify targets which will help them to navigate their way towards success. Time management is an important part of the process too. So, repeated, timed practice broken down into manageable chunks should become part of your child's weekly preparation.

After you receive your child's results, there is then the wait for the local authority to send out official place allocations which you will receive in March 2022. And, if your child doesn't achieve the result they were hoping for, there is always the appeals process, waiting lists or even seeking admission in subsequent years if places allow, where your child may be able to sit an internal exam at the school of their choice.

Be Prepared!
If you are looking for that extra bit of support for your child in the run-up to the Eleven Plus, get in touch with Achievers Tutoring. Last year, a high proportion of our students passed the exam, securing places at some of the best schools that Gloucestershire has to offer. We are so proud of their achievements: their determination, their stickability and their drive to be the best they can. Every parent wants their child to have the best chance at passing the exam. Every parent wants their child to be part of a school that they can be really proud of, giving them a great start to their academic future. Every parent wants their child to be prepared for the Eleven Plus! Together, we've got this!

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