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Is My Child Falling Behind?

Friday 3rd July 2020

Normally, if a pupil is underachieving at school, we blame a host of reasons - from online distractions, to relationship issues and the dreaded ... hormones! Most secondary pupils now expect to be equipped with a mobile phone (thanks Bank of Mum and Dad). And, with the rise of online platforms and gaming, being a constant and active part of social media takes priority for many young people, with plenty seeing this as the gateway to making money. Online activities can become an intense preoccupation, and that's before we even consider the potential pitfalls of being open to trolling. Dealing with relationships is par for the course for young people trying to navigate their own path…

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Why SUCCESS in Core Subjects (English, maths and science) is so Important

Thursday 4th June 2020

Whether your child is home-schooled, about to return to school soon, or still in the throes of lockdown-learning, success in English, maths and science is at the heart of the national curriculum and what we do at Achievers Tutoring. There is a reason that English, maths and science are compulsory throughout each Key Stage: they provide us all with the foundations for life! Most places of further education will consider results in at least 5 GCSEs - including the three core subjects - before admitting pupils to their chosen course. And it goes without saying, the higher achieving the establishment, the more discerning they can afford to be. Employers too will look to these exam results…

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Schools Closed due to COVID-19 – Is Homeschooling Possible in the Midst of this Global Chaos?

Friday 3rd April 2020

Ever since COVID-19 began wreaking havoc all over the world since late January 2020, the world has come to a standstill with schools and other educational institutes resorting to the internet to continue their 11+ tutoring activities. In the plight of uncertainty, fear, and endangerment, many have come together to agree on one thing that has been disputed for quite some time: working/studying online has always been feasible despite some people's opposition before the world was hit by COVID-19. Finally, schools, parents and students have collectively agreed that pursuing education via online tutoring channels, such as Achievers Tutoring, has always been available and workable. They are also now realizing that primary school maths tutoring does not have to require conventional…

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GCSE Maths & English Revision Booster

Monday 17th February 2020

Our talented and experienced tutors are organising revision sessions to help Year 11 students to maximise their full potential. This is the best time to start doing intensive revision for a better result. We are here to provide the best tuition possible to ensure that you get the results you deserve. At Achievers , our tutors are very experienced- with some as examiners -so we know the assessment process inside out and are able to provide the required support. Places are limited so ACT NOW to avoid disappointment. Do not leave it too late. It is possible to make changes and be better prepared. Click on the link below to take your first step towards GCSE exams success for a…

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Free 11+ Initial Assessment

Tuesday 28th January 2020

Achievers Tutoring is offering a free 11+ Initial Assessment for parents who want to find out if their children could benefit from a Grammar School education. We will offer you our honest opinion based on how well your child performs on the Initial assessment. After the assessment, If you would like us to tutor your child, then we will be happy to help. We provide a tutoring service in the comfort of your home. The earlier you start preparing your child for the 11+ test, the better. This is a Valentine gift offer and places are limited, so act now.

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Fantastic 11+ result!!!

Friday 15th November 2019

''Dennis tutored my son on a 1:1 basis, to help and prepare him for the 11+ exam. He was friendly, approachable and made my son feel confident in his abilities. All in the comfort of our own home! We have just had the 11+ results and my son met the qualifying criteria for 2 Grammar Schools; Crypt and Marling. Thank you Dennis and Achievers Tutoring!''- Cheryl, Gloucester. We are taking on new students so please get in touch should you require our services. We would be delighted to be able to serve you and help your child to get admission into one of the prestigious grammar schools in Gloucestershire County. Remember, the earlier you start, the better.

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11 Plus (11+) Success Tips for Parents

Tuesday 20th August 2019

Getting your children through the 11+ exam successfully can be priceless. However, many parents who happen to reside in local authorities who have grammar schools would like their children to give it a go, but often are not sure where to begin. Demand for places in grammar school are very high and available places are limited. It is very competitive and hence important for parents to have a clear direction as how best to proceed to ensure that their children secure a place for their 'golden ticket' when places are allocated. After many years' experience of preparing students for 11+ exams, I have decided to put together tips which I believe will maximise your child's success during the 11 Plus…

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Fantastic Eleven Plus (11+) Results!!!!

Monday 15th October 2018

The 11+ results were released for students in Gloucestershire County over the weekend and at Achievers Tutoring, is all smiles. Our students have passed the 11+ exams enabling them to gain admission to the top Grammar School across Gloucestershire County. Notably among them was a boy who joined as in August, 3 weeks before the 11+ exams. The parents were not sure if he could make it so one of our experienced tutors accessed the student and promised the parents that we could work with him and get him to pass the exams. The tutor had ONLY 14 lessons with this boy and when the results were released over the weekend, this boy PASSED the 11+ exams. The parents…

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Amazing GCSE Results!!!

Thursday 23rd August 2018

What an amazing day!!! GCSE results are in today and at Achievers it's all smiles as our students have exceeded their predicted grades which is remarkable. One of our students was predicted grade 3 in Maths but she came out with grade 6!!!! Also, another student who before joining Achievers was really struggling with her Maths to the point that she feared she was going to fail but guess what she got grade 5.!!! I'm very proud of my students. At Achievers we believe that students can achieve their full potential with the right guidance and support irrespective of their starting point and these results are testament to our ethos. If your child is struggling in school in Maths, English…

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Abstract to Maths Mastery- Unlocking children full potential in Maths

Wednesday 20th June 2018

Maths is such an important subject as it is used every day life. We use money, tell the time, cover distance when walking, measure amount of ingredients needed to cook a meal. Yet Maths continues to be the problem most students face in their school life in UK. Why is UK with all the facilities and resources not doing so well in Maths? How can we as a nation improve our maths ability? The UK's lack of mathematics ability is exposed in the International Programme for Student Assessment (PISA) rankings in 2015. The UK not only lagging behind top performers such as Singapore and Finland, but also trails Vietnam, Poland and Estonia. In maths, the UK is ranked 27th, slipping…

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