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Year 11 Parents Listen Up!!!!

Tuesday 4th January 2022

Is your child in year 11? Do they struggle to focus for long? Have they lost motivation with the core subjects: Maths English Science ?If your child fails their Maths or English, they will have to retake it in Year 12 and 13. I want to help as many children as I can to reach their full potential. I want to help them to achieve what they taught was impossible or out of their reach. I want to help them to achieve better results in their academic journey and go on to fulfil their dreams and aspirations. I have opened 10 new slots in my calendar this week to speak to 10 parents who want their Year 11 children to get support with…

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A New Term Begins...

Saturday 4th September 2021

Congratulations to all of our Year 11 and Year 13 students who received their results in the summer holidays. Here at Achievers, we are so proud of your achievements! It's always heart-warming when parents get in touch to share your results with us, showing that hard work and determination pay off. With that certificate firmly in your hand, it's easy to forget those tricky times, when you may have felt you were floundering with your studies and falling short of your predicted grades, but now you've made it - you're ready for the next stage and can start your next steps confidently with your feet firmly grounded, knowing that you can continue to succeed along your chosen…

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Preparing for... The Eleven Plus

Monday 5th July 2021

Get Ready...! If your child is in Year 5 and is planning to take the Eleven Plus Entrance Test in September, be aware of the dates and deadlines that you will need to adhere to when completing the Common Application Form (CAF) via the local authority as well as a Gloucester Grammar Test Registration Form available via the school website of your chosen grammar school. This year, the test is taking place on Saturday 11th September when your child will have only just started Year 6. Although, we all know that anything can change! Last year, due to government restrictions, the test was delayed by a month, giving pupils, their parents and their tutors extra time to prepare…

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How to STUDY Effectively

Wednesday 5th May 2021

How to study effectively has to be one of the most salient aspects of school life, especially during exam time. The best advice is to spend at least the SAME amount of time reviewing your answers that you do answering the questions. Reviewing your work like this allows you to cement your understanding of 'What Went Well' (WWW) and even more importantly, engage with 'Even Better If' (EBI). I know there's the temptation to just look at the mark and feel elated if you've done well and deflated if you've fallen short of your target grade, but engaging with your teacher's advice has to be your starting point. Review your achievement. Ask yourself, 'What do…

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World Poetry Day

Friday 19th March 2021

This is a day to inspire the celebration of poetry all over the world, encouraging reading, writing, and teaching. With all of the exam furore at the moment, and pupils working hard to ensure they will be awarded the grade they deserve, let's take a moment to celebrate something nostalgic - Poetry! It's World Poetry Day on Sunday 21st March. Poetry is not just for aesthetes! Every one of us has a favourite verse from their childhood, even if you have lost touch with poetry as you have grown up. It's often because of the rhythm and the rhyme scheme, which so easily trips off the tongue, that some verses stay in our memory for life. …

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Thursday 18th February 2021

With half term here, many parents are asking their children if they have any homework to complete, only to be met with the answer, 'Nope, just revision...'! Of course, revision is homework. But if the homework isn't guided, then it can be challenging to tackle. At schools, students are given clear strategies on exactly how to revise, but these can get swept under the carpet when coupled with the pressure of exams - even more so in these times where students in Years 11 and 13 are now being dubbed 'the lost generation'. How best to learn has increasingly been the focus of academic study, and however much we love to see our pupils highlighting key words, simply…

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Welcome to 2021!

Friday 15th January 2021

Happy new year from everyone at Achievers Tutoring! At the start of this new year, it was again announced that GCSE and A' Level exams were being cancelled as we entered another national lockdown. For some this has been alarming and destabilizing, and perhaps even expected by others. However, what does continue to be heart-warming is the unifying concern we all have for our young people, as we work to navigate a successful path for our exam students despite this pandemic. Recent announcements are suggesting that whilst some exams may be scrapped with results based on teacher assessments, the core subjects - maths, science and English - will still be formally assessed in schools, albeit very differently. …

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Season’s Greetings!

Thursday 24th December 2020

Now that schools have broken up for the Christmas holiday, it's that time of year where here at Achiever's Tutoring we can look back at all we have achieved with pride, despite some quite challenging circumstances. Whilst last term was another term filled with the restrictions of dealing with Covid - with self-isolation and social distancing in place - we still have plenty to celebrate. We were absolutely thrilled with the successes of our 11+ students. It's so rewarding when parents get in touch with the results. We were privileged to have worked with some fantastic pupils this year, and it's always a joy to see hard work, spirit and determination pay off. Achieving personal goals, especially…

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Sunday 29th November 2020

To quote Dr. Seuss, "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." Yes, this says it all: reading is the key to success! Evidence form The National Centre for Educational Statistics agrees with Dr. Seuss: "Research consistently shows strong correlation to reading and academic success at all ages." The Department for Education support this too, but with a significant shift in focus, bringing enjoyment to the spotlight: 'Evidence suggests that reading for pleasure leads to increased attainment.' So, there we have it: reading is the key to success! However, this doesn't change the fact that there are a lot of reluctant readers out there. For…

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Is Online Tutoring for Your Child? ...Yes!

Monday 26th October 2020

Before lockdown I would never have considered offering online tuition, so would not have dreamt of recommending it. I had only experienced classroom, small group and one-to-one teaching - all face to face. But, with the social distancing restrictions in place and with parents finding it increasingly challenging to home-school during lockdown, the demand became such that I just had to give online tutoring a go! And I am so glad that I did. There is still time in my schedule for tuition in person, but I have definitely embraced tutoring online - and it's refreshing to be mask or visor free! Be it with Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams, online tutoring is just so…

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Preparing for The ELEVEN PLUS Entrance Exam

Tuesday 15th September 2020

I'm sure everyone breathed a sigh of relief when Gloucestershire Grammar Schools announced that this year's entrance test was being delayed until Saturday 17th October. With students having an extra five weeks to prepare, here at Achievers we have been busier than ever tutoring our students and instilling them with the confidence they need to do their very best on exam day. Good luck to all of our current Y6 pupils in the final push leading up to the exam! What is The Eleven Plus? The Eleven Plus Entrance Exam is the selective entrance test that Y6 pupils can sit in order to apply for a place at a grammar school. It tests pupils' ability in English, maths, verbal…

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Results Day is on its Way...

Wednesday 19th August 2020

Congratulations (or commiserations...) to all of the GCSE students due to receive their results on Thursday! There are probably plenty of pupils out there wishing their marks had been awarded to them without actually sitting the exam. But we have to remember just how much this unprecedented state of affairs has thrown many of our young people. Remember, students were expecting to have another two months of guided study before considering themselves properly prepared to sit their GCSEs. It has been an unusual time to say the least, and there will be students out there questioning their results: whether or not they are a fair representation of their true abilities; whether or not their results are…

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